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LR Suspension Kits

Terrafirma Suspension Kits have been created for convenience, ensuring correct parts are matched and making ordering easier. These kits are not intended as a fully engineered solution for your entire requirement but will take care of the major element of common parts needed. Depending on the final specification of the vehicle additional products may be required such as extended bump stops and brake hoses to prepare your vehicle to a certain specification. The more comprehensive suspension kits do not include coil springs as it is envisaged that a greater degree of tuning will require specific springs to be selected from our range.

Terrafirma offers a huge selection of shock absorbers, coil springs and suspension hardware which allows for an infinite range of combinations to enhance the performance of your Land Rover. This catalogue along with your Terrafirma Distributor will advise you on the correct selection for your application.

LR Suspension Kits

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