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FEBEST  |  SKU: 0115P-JZX110

Boot inner cv joint kit

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Compatible Vehicles Model From Comments
LEXUS GS300 JZS147 1993.01-1997.08
LEXUS GS300 JZS147 1993.03-1997.08
LEXUS GS300/400/430 JZS160,UZS16# 1997.08-2005.01
LEXUS GS300/430 JZS160,UZS161 1997.08-2005.01
LEXUS LS400 UCF20 1994.10-2000.08
LEXUS LS430 UCF30 2000.08-2006.08
LEXUS SC300/400 UZZ30,JZZ31 1991.04-2000.07
LEXUS SC430 UZZ40 2001.01-2010.07
LEXUS SC430 UZZ40 2001.05-2010.07
TOYOTA ARISTO JZS147,UZS143 1991.10-1997.08
TOYOTA ARISTO JZS16# 1997.08-2005.01
TOYOTA CELSIOR UCF2# 1994.10-2000.08
TOYOTA CELSIOR UCF3# 2000.08-2006.08
TOYOTA CENTURY GZG50 1997.04-2017.01
TOYOTA CENTURY GZG50 1998.10-2017.01
TOYOTA CHASER GX10#,JZX10#,LX100,SX100 1996.09-2001.06
TOYOTA CHASER GX90,JZX9#,LX90,SX90 1992.10-1996.09
TOYOTA CRESTA GX10#,JZX10#,LX100 1996.09-2001.06
TOYOTA CRESTA GX90,JZX9#,LX90,SX90 1992.10-1996.09
TOYOTA CROWN JZS155,GS151 1995.12-2001.08
TOYOTA CROWN/CROWN MAJESTA GS151,JZS15#,LS151,UZS15# 1995.08-2001.08
TOYOTA CROWN/CROWN MAJESTA GS171,JKS175,JZS17#,UZS17# 1999.09-2007.06
TOYOTA CROWN/CROWN MAJESTA JZS14#,LS141,UZS14#,GS141 1991.10-1995.08
TOYOTA MARK 2 GX10#,JZX10#,LX100 1996.09-2000.10
TOYOTA MARK 2 GX90,LX90,SX90,JZX9# 1992.10-1996.09
TOYOTA MARK 2/ 2 BLIT GX11#,JZX11# 2000.10-2007.06
TOYOTA SOARER JZZ3#,UZZ3# 1991.05-2000.12
TOYOTA SOARER/LEXUS SC430 UZZ40 2001.04-2010.07
TOYOTA SUPRA JZA80 1993.05-1996.05
TOYOTA SUPRA JZA80 1993.05-1998.08
TOYOTA SUPRA JZA80 1993.05-2002.08
TOYOTA VEROSSA GX11#,JZX110 2001.06-2004.04
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Guardapolvos de la junta de velocidad constante interno, jue

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Boot inner cv joint kit

Guardapolvos de la junta de velocidad constante interno, jue
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