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FEBEST  |  SKU: 0210-FX35

Outer cv joint

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Compatible Vehicles Model From Comments
INFINITI FX45/35 S50 2002.11-2008.03
INFINITI FX45/35 S50 2006.07-2008.08
INFINITI G35/37/25 SEDAN V36 2006.08-2013.05
INFINITI G35/37/25 SEDAN V36 2006.12-2013.06
INFINITI G37 SEDAN V36 2008.07-2013.06
INFINITI M35/45 Y50 2004.12-2010.01
INFINITI M35/45 Y50 2006.07-2010.05
INFINITI Q40/G SEDAN V36 2006.08-2015.02
INFINITI Q60/G COUPE CV36 2007.06-2016.05
INFINITI Q70/M Y51 2010.01-
INFINITI Q70/M Y51 2010.05-
INFINITI Q70/M Y51 2010.05-
INFINITI QX50/EX J50 2007.10-2017.09
INFINITI QX50/EX J50 2008.04-2017.10
INFINITI QX50/EX J50 2008.06-
INFINITI QX70/FX S51 2008.03-
INFINITI QX70/FX S51 2008.07-
NISSAN FUGA Y50 2004.10-2009.11
NISSAN FUGA Y51 2009.11-
NISSAN FX45/35 S50 2003.03-2008.06
NISSAN GT-R R35 2008.03-
NISSAN GT-R R35 2008.12-
NISSAN GT-R R35 2009.02-
NISSAN GT-R R35 2010.11-
NISSAN QX50/EX J50 2012.04-2015.02
NISSAN QX50/EX JPN J50 2007.11-2018.04
NISSAN QX70/FX S51 2008.05-
NISSAN QX70/FX S51 2012.06-
NISSAN R35 2007.11-
NISSAN SKYLINE V36 2006.11-2014.03
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Junta de velocidad constante externa 22x59x27

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Outer cv joint

Junta de velocidad constante externa 22x59x27
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